Adoption Enquiries

If you are interested in attending one of our adoption days, please complete our Adoption Enquiry Form, and send to us at along with pictures of your existing cage setup. If you do not have a cage setup, please let us know in your email, and we will assist you to find a suitable cage.  We also ask that you first sread and complete the downloadable form: "So You Want a Guinea Pig!"

You can also fill out our Online Adoption Enquiry Form, found below, as this may speed up the adoption process.

We also require all homes to agree to and sign the Duty of Care Agreement. This can be completed on the adoption day.
So You Want a Guinea Pig!  (PDF)
Adoption Enquiry Form (PDF)
Adoption Enquiry Form (WORD)
Duty of Care Agrement (PDF)

Adoption Enquiry Form

Age (Please note you must be over 18 to enquire even if you have children who are keen to adopt and who will be helping with the guinea pigs by policy the actual adoption must be to an adult over the age of 18. )
Your Location (suburb and state)
How did you hear about ACS? (eg Search engine, petshop, Word of Mouth, Facebook)
Do you agree to the terms of the Duty of Care Agreement Form (above)? Yes/No
How many guinea pigs are you interested in adopting? Please note: ACS Policy is the Guinea Pigs are only adopted out in pairs, or to a home with at least one other guinea pig.
Do you have any other pets? (If so please state what type and how many).
Have you had any guinea pigs in the past or currently? If so, how many and how long ago? If they have passed within the last 6 months, please let us know what they died from (if known). If you currently have guinea pigs, are they males or females or both?
How do you plan to house your adopted guinea pigs? e.g. inside the home/patio or outdoors
How many guinea pigs in total do you plan to keep in the enclosure?
What will the guinea pig/s daily diet consist of? (we can assist with this if you are unsure)
Does the enclosure have wire on the bottom? (e.g. will the guinea pigs be walking on wire) Yes/No
Do you wish to show the guinea pigs? (yes/no)
Do you wish to breed the guinea pigs? Yes/No
If you have any questions or any other details you would like to mention before adopting through ACS, please fill in this section with your questions or concerns. If you have children who will be regularly handling the guinea pigs, please mention here.
PLEASE NOTE: The Melbourne ACS shelter does not recommend the use of lawn hutches or outdoor hutches kept in the back yard as a permanent home for your guinea pigs. If you do not already have a hutch, please communicate with the shelter manager who can direct you towards suitable enclosures for your adoptive pets. We can also help with modifications to existing cages to improve the living conditions for your new pets.
If outdoors, do you have a fully fenced/secure yard? Will the cage be undercover and sheltered from intense sun or inclement weather?
If you have a cage, please send a photo to this will allow us to speed up the adoption process
What size is the enclosure/s (length x width)? What is the enclosure made out of e.g. timber/metal/plastic?